The DC Cinematic Universe Begins a New Stage with James Gunn

Series and movies, both animated and live action, are part of the new projects that DC Comics will be taking to the movies in the coming years. We tell you the news that James Gunn announced for the DC Cinematic Universe.

 James Gunn

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"Flash resets a lot of things, but not all. Some characters will stay the same and some won't". In this way, James Gunn has advanced that the DC Cinematic Universe has a semi-reboot planned, since we will see new faces and a few already known ones. Now as Co-Chairman and Co-CEO of DC Studios, Gunn hopes this start for the company is promising and visionary for many fans.

The world of superheroes in the cinema is dominated by Marvel, and that is no secret, because it is enough just to see everything they have collected at the box office with their films. Gunn himself was part of that success with the first two volumes of "Guardians of the Galaxy" (he's also directing the third installment) and he knows better than anyone that the quality of the MCU is hard to beat. From there, DC begins to take projects seriously in order to offer a high-level product that can compete, at least in the medium term.

And it is that there were several interesting topics that James Gunn touched on during his announcement. Among the most remarkable is the fact that it left the door open for a possible return of Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Zachary Levi and Ezra Miller with their respective roles, although not so much for Henry Cavill. Likewise, not all the projects will be light superhero stories, since the director and producer also intends to go further and focus on different genres that can attract audiences of different ages.

In total there are 10 projects that will give life to "Gods and Monster", a title that will cover Chapter 1 of this new era of DC Comics. Superman, Batman and Robin, Supergirl and the return of Amanda Waller have already begun to generate expectations among moviegoers. For his part, despite the fact that many details were not revealed, Robert Pattinson's Batman is expected to once again have an appearance on the big screen.

"Creature Commandos"

It consists of 7 episodes written by James Gunn and is already in production. It is an animated series that will tell the story of a fictional superhuman military team from World War II . The few details that were revealed ensure that the character of Weasel (the weasel from "The Suicide Squad") will return and Rick Flagg's father will appear. In addition, the actors who interpret the voices will be the ones who act in the live action projects.


Who doesn't know Amanda Waller by now? It is probably the most important antagonist in the DC Universe. The director of the Suicide Squad's deadly missions doesn't need superpowers, she only needs deceit, political connections and intimidation to achieve her goals. This will be a spin-off series that will follow the same line of events presented in "Suicide Squad", "Peacemaker" and "Black Adam" with Viola Davis as the protagonist.

"Superman Legacy"

The first high-profile film project in the new DC Cinematic Universe. James Gunn will be in charge of writing it and hence its importance, since it would be the restart of the story of the most important superhero in the study. It is still unknown who will play Superman, but the only thing certain is that we will see a version full of kindness in a world that no longer believes in that word. The possible release date is mid-2025.


Another TV series that will be quite relevant throughout this Chapter 1. The project is already in development, has a high budget, and will have a similarity to the HBO series "True Detective". The reason is because the main characters, Hal Jordan and John Stewart, will have to investigate a mystery located on planet Earth that will eventually have an impact on a much bigger story that would reach the big screen.

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"The Authority"

A film that promises to be faithful to the graphic violence of its comics. Gunn assured that in principle it will be an individual film, but that in the future it will intersect with the stories of other well-known characters. "The Authority" is a team of anti-heroes who have extreme methods of protecting the planet and hence are characterized by presenting a more mature script that touches on more adult themes than the rest. It will not be a story of good vs. bad, but the development of complex characters.

"Paradise Lost"

"The political intrigue behind a society full of women". This is how this TV series that HBO Max will develop in the style of "Game of Thrones" has been described. It is a spin-off in the form of a prequel to "Wonder Woman". The plot will take place in Themyscira, Diana Prince's place of origin long before her birth. With very few details already revealed, this drama is expected to show some of the traditions and cultures of the Amazons.

"The Brave and the Bold"

One of the most anticipated projects since its announcement. The Batman and Robin duo is the most iconic of DC and in this Chapter 1 we will have the opportunity to see them in action. Gunn affirmed that this will be the introduction of Batman in this Cinematic Universe and although there are still no signs of which actor will play him, it is most likely that he will be someone quite old. The film will be based on the comics of the same name written by Grant Morrison, which chronicles the various adventures of Bruce Wayne and his son Damian, who eventually becomes Robin.

Booster Gold

With this project, the DC Cinematic Universe will introduce time travel. And it is that this character is a man from the future who travels to the present to pretend to be a hero, for which he uses futuristic technology and knowledge of historical events, all with the purpose of creating a reputation. It is worth mentioning that the character has already been played in TV series such as "Smallville" and "DC's Legends of Tomorrow", so it is not as unknown as many think.

"Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow"

A tougher version of this character. Here, Kara Zor-El will witness all the atrocities that occurred on Krypton, so her background will not be as positive as that of her cousin Kal-El. The Colombian actress Sasha Calle will give life to this character in "The Flash", but for this project it is unknown if she will put on the suit again. In turn, it is very likely that this film is linked to "Superman Legacy". 

"Swamp Thing"

Chapter 1 will close with a movie that will try to highlight the terror of DC. This character, beloved by many, is a swamp monster who fights to protect his home and the environment in general. The project will delve into its dark origins, something similar to the TV series that aired on HBO in 2019.

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