The reign of ‘the Crown’ and Netflix is consolidated at the Golden Globes

With four awards in the bag, the Netflix series has won the ceremony.

Claire Foy and Olivia Colman

These are the main elements that have made the series win four awards in the most recent edition of the Golden Globes. Photo: YT-Netflix

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What is it about monarchies that attracts the public so strongly? Whether in medieval, renaissance, or 21st-century dramas, stories of royalty continue to be widely accepted by audiences, Netflix's The Crown is certainly one of those. But what makes it so interesting? We will review the main elements that have made the series win four awards in the most recent edition of the Golden Globes.

What is The Crown about?

Basically, it is about the reign of Elizabeth II. It sounds simple, but in reality it is so complex that the six seasons planned will hardly do justice to the size of the story. The reign of Elizabeth II is the longest in the history of the United Kingdom, 69 years and counting, according to Infobae. Although she became queen in 1952, she already had an active life in the monarchy since World War II. In all the important historical events of the 20th (and 21st) century, she has been present in some way: the Cold War, the Falklands War, numerous presidents of the United States, political and diplomatic crises, in addition to the problems of her own family. .

Considering this, it is worth noting that The Crown is not a documentary series, it is a fictional series that recounts the relationship of the monarchy with the most important historical events, from the point of view of the royal family, highlighting of course the central role that Isabel II has in it. Instead of dedicating itself to reconstructing those momentous moments, the series has focused on trying to understand the pressure that the office exerts on the queen, also taking into account her role as woman and mother.

The quality with which the series is produced has been notorious, since its first season it has been praised. Costumes, locations, special effects, cinematography, music, script and a brilliant cast have positioned it as one of the best Netflix productions, which has benefited greatly from it. Therefore, it has not ceased to be one of the hard-hitters of the American platform. While several series have been canceled, The Crown seems to keep its future secure and to be one of the few Netflix series that manages to finish its story with ease. The New York Times reported in 2020 on the series' renewal for seasons 5 and 6.


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A series that takes risks

Many series focus their success on a single person, who then leaves, resulting in the cancelation of the show. Two and a half men and House of cards are just two examples of what can happen. However, The Crown has managed to overcome that obstacle well, in seasons 1 and 2 we saw Claire Foy (First Man, Wolf Hall) in the role of Queen Isabell II, a performance that was rewarded with a Golden Globe and an Emmy. However, the development of the story required an older protagonist, so for seasons 3 and 4 she was replaced by Olivia Colman (The Favorite, Les Misérables), who has also managed to obtain a Golden Globe.

For the last two seasons, the monarch will be played by Imelda Staunton (Vera Drake, Harry Potter) as reported by various media at the beginning of 2020. It should also be noted that in addition to the role of the queen, the actors who represent the other members of the royal family are also regularly replaced. This has allowed the series to be fully renewed every two seasons, which adds freshness to the events and greater realism. Thanks to this we have had on-screen casts full of important names in the industry such as Helena Bonham Carter, Matt Smith, John Lithgow, Tobias Menzies, Charles Dance, Jonathan Pryce, Geraldine Chaplin, Michael C. Hall and the two most recent Golden Globe winners: Gillian Anderson and Emma Corrin for their roles as Margaret Thatcher and Diana of Wales, respectively.

The New York Times has also emphasized the budget for the series, $ 150 million, also highlighting that it is double the annual budget of the real royal family. Thus, The Crown has proven to be a series that takes risks that the specialized critic has not ignored, nor has it gone unnoticed by the crown itself. The way in which the series has portrayed different events within the royal family has not been to the liking of the British crown that has expressed its discontent.  In the fourth season, the most recent, Diana of Wales has entered the scene, one of the darkest episodes in the recent history of the royal house. So much so that even today, more than 20 years after her death, she continues to generate controversy and wreak havoc on the image of British royalty.

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