“Venom 2”: An Expansion of the Spider-Man Universe?

These are all the details we know so far about the sequel to one of Marvel's most beloved antiheroes.

Still from the trailer for the movie 'Venom: Carnage Freed'

The chances of the famous symbiote getting closer to the Spider-Man cinematic universe continue to grow. Is it possible? Photo: YT-Sony Pictures

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One of the surprises that the cinema left us in 2018 was "Venom", whose box office profits prompted Sony to launch a sequel that is about to be released in September this year. With the immense expectations that are had in this regard, added to the hard work that Marvel has been doing with its productions, the possibilities continue to grow that the famous symbiote is part of the Spider-Man cinematic universe.

In the post-credits scene that the first film left us, I saw a brief introduction of the new villain. And is that months after the events that happened in "Venom", Eddie Brock looks for ways to revive his career with an interview with the serial killer Cletus Kasady, who is locked up in a federal prison. It is precisely after that encounter that Carnage begins to take his first steps, one of the most violent enemies of both Venom and Spider-Man.

In the second trailer for this film, you see a scene where Cletus bites Eddie on the hand while visiting him. Thus, if they know it, the killer obtains cells from the symbiote. From there, the bond between Carnage and Cletus begins to grow, which is even much stronger than that of Eddie and Venom, since the nature of the first two is clearly violent. Due to this connection they escape from prison and cause a series of disasters where our antihero will have to intervene.

"Carnage Freed": What to Expect From This Sequel?

While there are not many details about it, the trailers have left us with important information about what is to come. The bond between Eddie and Venom continues to grow and the two have adjusted to a life together to the point where one prepares breakfast for the other. However, such calm is not positive for the symbiote, which reminds Eddie that he is a predator and they should use his talents to catch criminals, also confessing that his aggressiveness is out of control and that could cause chaos.

Also, we will know a little more about the origin of Cletus Kasady before being locked up in prison and sentenced to die. According to the comics, this character's past is dark and disturbing, to the point that from a very young age he developed his psychopathic side to become a homicidal sadist. After being taken to the Ravencroft Institute, an installation for the criminally insane superhuman, he manages to escape with other supervillains where Shriek stands out, a character who will be introduced in this second film.

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A cast with new characters

Andy Serkis will be making his directorial debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although many must remember him for his appearances in the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and "Black Panther" films as Ulysses Klaue. The Brit will feature Tom Hardy, as Eddie Brock / Venom, and Woody Harrelson, as Cletus Kasady / Carnage. In addition, actress Michelle Williams will repeat as Anne, Eddie's ex-girlfriend and district attorney.

For her part, the British Naomie Harris will be in charge of giving life to Shriek, Cletus's love interest and a supervillain whose powers are the manipulation of sound, firing explosions of sonic energy from her hands, and the ability to manipulate the minds of other people to make them violent. In turn, Stephen Graham will play former police officer Patrick Mulligan, host to a third symbiote named Toxin. Finally, Sean Delaney and Larry Olubamiwo will be present with characters not yet revealed. What other surprises will we get?

The possible connection to Spider-Man and the MCU

Marvel has us used to unforgettable moments and, above all, to great surprises. Sony has launched its own Marvel Universe with the two Venom films (which could be three) and which would be adding "Morbius" as the third production. This film that will be in charge of the Swedish director of Chilean descent Daniel Espinosa is scheduled to be released in early 2022. But how is it connected to Spider-Man?

Loyal comic book fans know that Morbius is another antihero or villain featured in Spider-Man posts. It is about a scientist who suffers from a rare blood disease and when trying to heal he is affected by a form of vampirism, acquiring all the abilities of a vampire within the Marvel Universe. 

While there are no official confirmations of a cameo for the arachnid character in the Venom sequel, which is reasonable if they want to surprise viewers, it has been speculated that Tom Holland recorded some scenes in said production . Now, what is confirmed is that Michael Keaton will repeat his role as The Vulture in the Morbius film. Without a doubt, all roads lead us to Spider-Man and the MCU.

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