What are the Most Anticipated Streaming Premieres for December?

Before 2022 Ends, Take a Look at our Monthly Guide to Streaming Premieres for December. Don't Miss Them!.

Frames from the series 'The Dark Materials', 'Jack Ryan' and 'The Patient'

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Between movies, series and documentaries, a 2022 full of incredible stories unfolded. With December, a new cycle in the world of entertainment closes and the streaming platforms left several interesting projects to close with a flourish. We leave you our last guide of the year of releases of the year with the most anticipated titles of Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney + and Star +.

"His Dark Materials" (December 5 – HBO Max)

Lyra's (Dafne Keen) fantasy-mystery adventure comes to a close with the third season. Based on Philip Pullman's novels of the same name, this production was able to captivate many viewers due to its plot and visual quality. In this latest batch of episodes, we will witness Lyra and Will's journey to a dark and dangerous place, while Miss Coulter and Lord Asriel prepare for the eventual great war.

"Pinocchio, by Guillermo del Toro" (December 9 – Netflix)

Any production that is directed by Guillermo del Toro must be seen, yes or yes. The Mexican filmmaker makes his debut as a director of animated feature films with a classic story that we all know, to which he adds his touch of dark fantasy. The particularity of this film about Pinocchio is that it will be a stop-motion animated musical, something different from what has been seen on other occasions. Early reviews of this dark and twisted tale hail it to universal acclaim.

"Emancipation" (December 9 – Apple TV)

Apple TV closes 2022 with an original production that is already giving a lot to talk about. The story, inspired by true events, centers on a black man named Peter (Will Smith) who manages to flee from his slavers, who punished him with strong lashes that hurt his back. After joining the Union Army during the civil war, Peter becomes a key figure in the emancipation from slavery that sparked a civil war in the United States.

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"National Treasure" (December 14 – Disney +)

2004 began an unforgettable adventure that featured Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger, among other great actors, with two films. Almost 20 years later, the same creators bring to streaming a series set on the same theme of riddles and clues to discover. Here, we will meet Jess Morales, who decides to embark on a crusade with her friends to reveal the truth about her family's mysteries and recover a lost Pan-American treasure.

"Jack Ryan" (December 21 – Prime Video)

The wait is finally over, and fans of the character created by Tom Clancy will experience an action-packed December. For this third season, we will have to see Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) in a race against the odds, as he becomes a fugitive after being mistakenly implicated in a conspiracy. As he is forced to lie low and stay alive, he will also try to prevent a global conflict.

"The Patient" (December 21 – Star+)

Although this series premiered on FX on Hulu last August, Star+ subscribers in Latin America will be able to enjoy this psychological suspense story. From the very first episode, you'll be glued to your couch as you watch a therapist, Alan Strauss (Steve Carell), become the prisoner of a patient who confesses to being a serial killer. Will Alan be able to stop him before he becomes another fatality?

"Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery" (December 23 – Netflix)

For those who love to solve cases and find out who is the culprit among various suspects, the biggest streaming platform of all will premiere the long-awaited sequel to "Glass Onion". Here, once again, we will see detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) use his skills to discover the truth about a mysterious death in the middle of a private island in Greece. Of course, many critics say that the film has one of the best scripts of the year.

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