What Latin American productions can be seen on Disney +?

The streaming platform already has several titles in its catalog, in addition to some others that are in the production process .

Still from the productions 'Sobrevolando', 'Conecta y Canta' and 'El Risorantino de Arnoldo'

These are some of the productions that you can find on the streaming platform. Photos: Disney +

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When talking about Disney + it is inevitable to automatically think of those classics promoted by its founder Walt Disney, the incredible Pixar animations, and even the most recent and popular Marvel and Star Wars franchises. However, this streaming platform has much more to offer its users. The vast world behind this giant also has productions made in Latin America, something that cannot be ignored knowing that this audience is one of the most loyal consumers.

With its arrival in Latin America in November 2020, The Walt Disney Company Latin America has not stopped producing various programs for all audiences. Fiction stories, documentaries, live shows, and interviews, among others, are just a small example of how many things we can see on the platform. Latin talent has been able to overflow thanks to the different production houses in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

Precisely, through a press release issued at the end of last year, the president of The Walt Disney Company Latin America, Diego Lerner, highlighted the importance of generating original content with regional talent. In principle, little more than 70 productions were developed, in different stages, of which 29 were in Argentina, 21 in Mexico, 15 in Brazil and 6 in Colombia.

Same program, different versions

Taking into account that each country has a unique culture, Disney + chose to make three different versions of three exclusive programs on its platform, this in the hands of Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. Produced by Non-Stop for National Geographic, you will have the opportunity to fly over various Latin American landscapes, learn about science in a fun way, and learn about those things you did not know about humor.


It offers us a unique look at the most varied and impressive landscapes of Latin America from the perspective of a drone. The Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro, the Mexican musician Jay de la Cueva and the Argentine singer Fito Páez narrate the versions of their respective countries.

Voluntarios: todos por la ciencia

The most fun and special way to know the answers to curious questions and to examine scientific theories that will be put to the test. The program is hosted by Rafael Cortez (Brazil version), Adal Ramones (Mexico version) and Marley (Argentina version).

Lo que no sabías del humor

Here you will see an anthropological look at Latin American humor that will lead you through the evolution of laughter based on interviews, archive material and experiments. It is hosted by Fabio Porchat (Brazil version), Alex Fernández (Mexico version) and Miguel Granados (Argentina version), it will also feature the participation of prominent figures from each region.

Long live music!

Disney + presents two unmissable proposals for those who love music: from a musical contest for boys and girls, to a super production that will entrap you. You definitely don't want to miss a single minute. 


Made by Pampa Films, this original production made in Argentina will tell the story of Allegra, a girl with a passion for musical comedy who will embark on a unique journey to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional.

Conecta y canta

Hosted by Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra, this contest will bring together 40 boys and girls from Mexico who will sing from their homes and will be judged by a celebrity jury made up of Mario Domm, Kenia Os and Poncho Lizárraga.

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For the entire family

In these times where we must stay at home, there will be no better excuse than to enjoy the different productions that Disney + developed for the whole family. These four programs will most likely teach you several lessons. 

Opa Popa Dupa

Exclusively for children of preschool age, this puppet show will be the most important program for the development of the little ones. Through humor and music, they will address topics such as science and technology to encourage caring for the environment.

Arnoldo's Ristorantino

Starring the Argentine Diego Topa, this will follow the adventures of the chef Arnoldo and his assistant Francis as they open their own restaurant in the town of Bahía Bonita. It is worth remembering that this is a spin-off of the Junior Express program, an original Disney Junior production released in 2013.

Bia, un mundo al revés

Already known by many, this series takes up the most beloved characters from the successful original series, only in opposite versions. In this alternate world, the protagonists face a competition to become big stars.

Soy Luna: El último concierto

The acclaimed Disney Channel original series will have a special dedicated to Soy Luna's latest live show. Accompanied by Karol Sevilla, Ruggero Pasquarelli and the rest of the talented actors and actresses again for the intimacy of the backstage, in addition to reviewing the history of the series from the initial rehearsals to the filming and tours.

What's to come

  • El repatriado: series that tells the story of a Mexican migrant boy who is adopted in the United States and who years later becomes a professional boxer.

  • Chaparreando: acquisition of Disney + starring Mexican Omar Chaparro and his son Emiliano. Both will embark on an epic motorcycle tour of Mexico.
  • Rereading Mafalda: a documentary about the famous Quino comic that will tell several interesting things, such as its current use, through unpublished material and exclusive interviews.
  • Papás por encargo: The series follows the life of a girl named California, who will travel throughout Mexico with her three dads to reunite with her missing mother.
  • Todo igual, o no: Brazil will bring us this production that revolves around the adventures of a group of friends in Rio de Janeiro at the time they are starting their high school studies.

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