These Are Some Digital Alternatives to Physical Books

On this Book Day, we bring you some digital alternatives so you can enjoy literature.

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Currently, there are many more ways to read a book, which do not necessarily require the physical object as such. Although for some the object of the book is irreplaceable, for others these alternatives to approach the reading that we will present below will be more comfortable, cheaper, or simply more practical.

E-book Reader

Electronic book readers are used to reading e-books and digitized versions of traditional books. While it's perfectly possible to read e-books on a computer, readers like Amazon's Kindle have a variety of extra features that make reading more comfortable. Some Kindle models, for example, use electronic ink instead of self-illuminating, which puts less stress on the eyes than a computer screen.

There are several ebook readers that have other useful features. Here are some examples:

  • The possibility of having an "encyclopedia" that shows a small summary of the history of each character or place just by touching the word.
  • A built-in dictionary and translator for unknown words.
  • They are waterproof, which allows you to read with peace of mind in the pool or in the bathtub.
  • Self-lit display that automatically adjusts to ambient light level for visual comfort.

The Kindle in particular boasts the world's largest repository of books on Amazon, so you'll never find yourself in a situation where you don't know what to read. Additionally, it is worth noting the fact that many libraries and universities are also adopting the practice of lending e-books for free, so it is now more convenient than ever to have access to one of these devices.

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Audiobooks are, as the name implies, books that are fully narrated and are sold as audio files on various digital platforms. There are a huge variety of websites that sell audiobooks, but the most popular platforms are Audible, Google Play Books, Scribd, and Kobo.

Audiobooks have significant advantages over their physical counterparts. For example:

  • They don't require your full attention, you can use them while driving, washing dishes, or exercising.
  • Sometimes they are narrated by the authors of the books themselves or by professional voice actors, allowing you to make a bigger emotional connection to the book.
  • It's a great way for people who are visually impaired to access their favorite books, as well as people who have dyslexia.
  • They allow you to listen to a story in environments where you might not normally use a book, such as very dark places.
  • They are more comfortable to hold than a normal book.


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