5 news from the world of sports you can’t miss

Here we bring you 5 curious news from the world of sports that happened this week

Here we bring you 5 curious news from the world of sports that happened this week.

Rugby match with audience,

These are the most relevant sports news this week. / Photos: YT / Crux, IG / jamesrodriguez10

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These are some curiosities from the world of sports that happened this week and that maybe you missed.

1. New Zealand had a full-crowd rugby match

New Zealand is one of the few large countries in the world that has successfully contained the coronavirus, with only 33 active cases to date. For this reason, he surprised the world with an image that went viral, showing a match between the New Zealand All Blacks against the Australian Wallabies. The result is irrelevant, what matters is the image of the stadium full of spectators, which seems to be from another time.


2. Real directors criticize Zidane for not taking advantage of James

James Rodriguez, the Colombian star player, is having a great start to the season with Everton in the Premier League, already accumulating two victories with an assist and a goal. This has led to the directives of his previous team criticizing his former coach, Zidane, for the way he handled this player. The relationship between Zidane and James was famous for being turbulent and for the long periods of time that the coach forced the young talent to stay on the bench.


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3. Houston Rockets general manager resigns, censorship?

The general manager of the Houston Rockets basketball team, Daryl Morey, announced his resignation and the conspiracy theories about it have not stopped. Some claim that it is an act of censorship, as Morey tweeted supporting the Hong Kong protests last year and this led to the Chinese government removing its advertising and coverage of the NBA, costing the league 150-200 million according to ESPN. With this resignation, will the largest basketball league in the world be censoring the opinion of its members?


4. Ligue 1 will have a minute of silence for a murdered teacher

The French league will have a minute's silence before their matches this week in tribute to Samuel Paty, a teacher who was beheaded by Muslim extremists after showing photos of the Prophet Muhammad to his students. The death of Paty, 47, has sparked another debate about the country's secular identity.


5. Japanese pitcher with coronavirus nears new record

This is Shintaro Fujinami, a Hanshin Tigers player who tested positive for coronavirus at the beginning of the year, achieved a pitch of 162 km/h in a recent game. Fujinami is the second player in the history of the Japanese league to reach that speed.


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