October Special: Female revenge movies

We continue with the most spooky of our specials

We continue with the most spooky of our specials.

Still from the film 'Thelma'

This month we bring you a special of the best female revenge movies. / Photo: YT / 1091 Pictures

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We bring you once again a short list of five recommended movies for you to see on Halloween. The category for this Sunday is female revenge movies. It is a category within the genre of terror whose formula is basically that of a woman who suffers from the evils of others and who then, either by acquiring powers or by the very rage of her suffering, will take revenge on her abusers. This list goes with a caveat that some of our recommendations can be a bit gory.


Carrie (1976/2013)

Like many of our recommendations and horror classics, Carrie already has more than one version. We recommend both: the original from 1976 and the later from 2013. Carrie, its protagonist, is a girl who was bullied at her school. In addition, she must also endure the mistreatment of her neurotic and controlling mother. The prom scene is very famous and has endless references later in pop culture, as we will see Carrie avenge the humiliation of which she is a victim with her telekinetic powers. Without a doubt a classic to see on Halloween.


Thelma (2017)

This is perhaps the least bloody on our list and is without a doubt the most subtle and elegant. Thelma tells the story of a young woman who begins to discover herself when she goes to university. She will discover, among many other things, that she is a special woman, that she belongs to a lineage and that she will have to resolve issues from her childhood. This, of course, from the hand of a sexual awakening and a first love. From Joachim Trier, nephew of the controversial Lars Von Trier.


Revenge (2018)

Horror and action, Revenge is bloody and strong. Three men must close an apparently illegal deal. One of them is with a woman who must go through various humiliations before they try to murder her when she tries to escape. After having survived, she, the protagonist, who before seemed frivolous and light, takes revenge on these men in the most violent way and makes her own survival the greatest tale of revenge.


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Vagina Dentata (2007)

Also translated into English as Teeth, this is a Canadian movie that revisits the myth of the toothed vagina. By its own name you can already imagine what this story is about, and yes: it is about a girl with a toothed vagina, which will not only bring her problems but will also protect her from male abuse. Between comedy and horror, this is a film in which the absurd commands the shows and in which its characters will find themselves in situations difficult to believe but plausible within the comic tone of the story. Recommended for those who enjoy rare cinema.


Midsommar (2019)

The most recent on our list and also one of the least bloody and the most elegant. This is this recent horror movie all shot on the day. A group of young anthropologists go to a Nordic community to study their customs. Among them is a couple in which the man treats his girlfriend with some disdain, who will later become the protagonist of this story. Although this film does not reflect on female revenge as it does on sacrifice, it does have the formula that was written at the beginning: we will see a woman who suffers and sacrifices herself for others and who will later be the head of a ritual just as scary as the others on this list.

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