Main Advantages of Doing a Technological Detox

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Do you feel tired after using your smartphone so much? You may need a good technological detox. We tell you everything you need to know about this.

Person leaving a cell phone on a table

We are not only talking about a computer, but also about smartphones, which have become a kind of "extension" of our body. Photo: Pexels

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Do you think you need a break after so much contact with digital media? It is something that happens to many people. The first thing to mention is that the advancement of the technology industry has allowed millions of people to have at least one device with Internet at home.

We are not only talking about a computer, but also about smartphones, which have become a kind of "extension" of our body. We use them regularly, to check social networks or watch content that we like. However, what happens when this device becomes a problem?

In those cases, it is convenient to perform a "technological detox". If you are working at home or in the office and you need to take a break from using the Internet so much, it will probably be convenient for you to know what are the advantages of performing this digital detox. We tell you everything!

1. You will avoid the FOMO

The FOMO is the Fear of Missing Out, which is a syndrome that involves the fear of missing something. This is very common in social networks, because we tend to believe that, by not entering a certain application, we are possibly missing out on an important experience.

At a certain point this is true, but in reality it is something inherent to human existence: it is impossible to know everything. Therefore, the time you save by not constantly entering social networks can be used for other purposes, such as working, being in contact with nature or socializing in real life.

2. You will improve your productivity

Immediately related to the above. Social networks carry a big problem that is nothing more than the desire to snoop them to be "just a few minutes." However, as the content there is practically infinite, it is common for those minutes to turn into hours.

Therefore, if you have to study or work, you may see a decrease in productivity. When you do a digital detox, you should stay away from all those devices that you do not need, unless it is for work or training. In this way, you will gain in well-being and performance.

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3. Reconnect better with yourself

The content that exists on the Internet can make you have a great time, but it can also take you away from yourself. If your mind is constantly occupied with tweets or Facebook posts, you will hardly concentrate on observing what is happening to you inside. So what can you achieve with a digital detox?

Simple: you will have the possibility to better evaluate your emotions, enjoy the here and now and better connect with your own spirit. This can be a great weapon to de-stress or avoid anxiety, especially if we feel like we "can't live" without phones. Try doing this detox and see how your peace of mind improves.

4. Improve relationships with others

Sometimes it can be very comfortable to get stuck in digital socializing. You will surely have interactions with users on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. However, there is a life beyond these platforms, so it is important that you can also maintain the real links.

So if you step away from these devices, you may feel the desire to communicate "face to face" with your loved ones. The same could happen in the professional field: if you do home-office and you have the possibility to choose, you could return to the face-to-face mode of work to strengthen ties with your colleagues and return to office life.

5. Start new activities

It should also be mentioned that the saturation of digital services can leave you little time for leisure outside the screens. Think about it for a second: is there a sport or activity that you are missing because of the amount of time you waste on social media?

If so, you could possibly spend your time on other things. Hobbies such as reading, for example, will improve your levels of attention, something useful for work or study. Other activities, like working out in the gym, will help improve your health and body .

Undoubtedly, the technological detox will become a necessity for those people who feel saturated with so much Internet . There is no need to do a “complete” cleaning from one moment to the next: you can try making small changes and see some results. We hope this help you!