5 Horror Books to Enjoy on Halloween

Is your plan to stay home for Halloween? Here we bring you some recommendations in which terror is the protagonist. These are our favorite horror books.

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From the ancient Celtic festivals to the present day, Halloween has remained one of the most established traditions around the world. Although many believe that its origins come from the United States, the truth is that it began to be celebrated for the first time in Ireland under the name of Samhain, which means "end of summer". There are many ways to celebrate this day, either asking for sweets or dressing up, but if you are more like an introvert it is also valid to stay at home reading some horror books.

This terrifying genre also has the peculiarity of having a variety of styles for all tastes and whose purpose is the same: to cause shivers. In this list you will not only see Stephen King, undoubtedly the most recognized writer in this field; but also John Katzenbach, with his simple but forceful methods; Roald Dahl, whose favorite ingredients are horror and comedy; Joyce Carol Oates, one of the best contemporary novelists; and Charles Dickens, whose stories are still scary today. Will you dare to read any of these horror books during Halloween?

1. To read after dark: Ghost Stories, by Charles Dickens

They say that the Briton was always attracted all his life to paranormal and mysterious phenomena, elements that made him one of the quintessential ghost story writers of the 20th century. His repertoire and legacy are still valid today, being a source of inspiration for other writers who have put his literary techniques into practice. Dickens was undoubtedly a brilliant innovator whose stories and characters managed to play with the human imagination.

In this work you will enjoy thirteen creepy stories that have been written by the Briton. Old Victorian mansions and gloomy wooded roads covered in a blanket of mist are just some of the scenarios of the book. In addition, you will also know the history of those ghosts that were left wandering in different places, either in a house or in a railway station.

2. Roald Dahl's Book of Ghosts Stories

Who would say that the writer of children's plays like "Matilda" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" would also have some horror in his repertoire? Dahl himself explains at the beginning that writing good ghost stories and good children's books is quite difficult. However, after a first failed attempt, the British launched an investigation that resulted in this book that collects spooky and disturbing stories.

This is an anthology of horror stories divided into fourteen stories by thirteen different authors, and, as often happens, there are some that stand out more than others. Certainly, the protagonists are the ghosts and here they are characterized in different ways. Also, it should be noted that terror is very characteristic of the 50s, without much gore, but with supranatural and mysterious elements. If you are looking for the perfect book to read on a dark afternoon, this is your best option.

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3. The Madman's Tale, by John Katzenbach

Set in a psychiatric hospital, this novel stands out for its psychological terror that gradually traps you in an atmosphere of anguish. The American writer is known for his way of introducing characters and describing settings, which is why this work stands out above the rest along with "The Analyst". In fact, here you will navigate through the dark world of the human psyche, something that will generate tension on more than one occasion.

The story stars Francis Petrel, a patient who was confined in the Western State Hospital twenty years before it closed its doors. His reintegration into society has been marked by his lonely life and constant medication to silence the voices inside his head. However, his course will take a turn when he begins to recall grim facts from high school involving murder.

4. The Doll-Master: And Other Tales of Terror, by Joyce Carol Oates

More than a hundred books published and numerous awards obtained are the cover letter of this novelist born in New York and who today is considered one of the greatest American female writers of all time. You will wonder what makes her different from the rest of the writers and the answer lies in her style and way of dealing with different topics. Violence is a constant in her stories, but that has not separated her from both dark and supranatural scenarios.

This is precisely one of those compilations that will remain in your mind because of the way they are narrated. There are six stories and in the very first chapter you will begin to feel a certain discomfort that will gradually become chilling, making it clear that everything you suspect will not be exactly what you perceive. From the most classic intrigue to horror, once you finish this book you will want to know more about her work.

5. The Outsider, by Stephen King

It's hard to pick just one Stephen King's book, without a doubt. This time we have not gone for one of his many classics such as "Carrie", "The shining", "It", or "Animal Cemetery", but rather for a more current novel that is capable of touching the sensitivity of people by their context. Also, it should be noted that this work was adapted for television as a 10-episode miniseries thanks to HBO in 2020.

The story stars police detective Ralph Anderson who charges and arrests Terry Maitland for raping, killing and maiming an 11-year-old boy. The terrible crime turns the town against Terry, who assures that he is innocent despite the fact that there is physical evidence and eyewitnesses of his guilt. However, over time it will be revealed that behind everything there are supernatural and inexplicable events in this crime.

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