Bad Bunny’s awesome plans in 2021

The singer continues an unstoppable year and now aims high with his new facets .

Artist Bad Bunny

The singer had a phenomenal 2020, but what he has been doing during 2021 is far surpassing him. Photo: IG-badbunnypr

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If there is something that has characterized Bad Bunny after jumping to stardom, it is that he has not stopped working. The singer had a phenomenal 2020 , but what he has been doing in 2021 is far surpassing his last achivements. The return of the singer to the public eye has done so with an unusual force that is propelling him to the top again . The new stage of the Puerto Rican has interesting and simultaneous plans that range from investments to his debut on television .

To begin with, we must mention what was achieved at the beginning of this year. Benito fulfilled one of his childhood dreams: to be part of the world of wrestling with WWE. Although at first its seemed that it would only be in a musical presentation at the Royal Rumble event, the singer's role lasted for months until he participated in WrestleMania. In addition to becoming WWE's top-selling artist for WWE merchandise, Bunny took this involvement very seriously, which led to his future acting debut .

Along with this, and following the same sports trend, one of the most ambitious plans he has had this half of the year is to invest and buy part of the Cangrejeros de Santurce basketball team in Puerto Rico . This club belongs to the National Superior Basketball League and he will try to save them from debts, in addition to helping it grow and promoting sports and local economy. Likewise, he also had a collaboration with Adidas, launching a new version of the classic Forum footwear with an urban style created by himself. But this does not stop there.

Plans to continue conquering the world

Among his new objectives we have that Bad Bunny will have a participation in the fourth season of the series The Shop: Uninterrupted . It follows LeBron James and businessman Maverick Carter in a barbershop receiving various guests to discuss success and business. The show has already had the participation of icons such as Barack Obama, Chadwick Boseman and Pharrell Williams , who shared their experiences of how they got to the top. The HBO Max platform premiered the first episode of this new season on May 28.

Continuing on the small screen, the Puerto Rican will be the new acquisition of the third season of Narcos: México, where he will play Arturo "Kitty" Páez. And who is this? Well, one of the lieutenants for the Arellano Félix who took charge of the so-called Narcojuniors, a group of wealthy young people who formed a division of the Sinaloa Cartel. This role that will mark his acting debut is based on true events, since Páez was one of the leaders of the gang that raged in Tijuana in the 1990s and ended up incarcerated by the PGR in 1997.

On the other hand, and as if his brief appearance in Fast and Furious 9 were not enough, he will have another participation on the big screen. Benito will be part of the film American Sole which is produced by Kevin Hart and starring Pete Davidson . The story that mixes drama and comedy will be set in the world of sneaker sales after they leave the market. So far the details of the role that the Puerto Rican would be playing are unknown, it is only known that it is a project that fits perfectly with the singer due to his love of sports shoes.

Finally, we cannot close without mentioning its main strength: music. Putting aside his presentations in various live shows such as Saturday Night Live or his participation in the soundtrack of Fast and Furious 9, Bad Bunny has everything ready for the tour of El Último Tour del Mundo in 2022 . This would consist of 35 dates throughout the United States that would begin in the month of February and whose ticket sales sold out in record time. To all this we must add the recent launch of his theme "100 Millones", which already aims to be one of the trending themes .

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