Big Mouth: why is it so relevant?

The Netflix animated series explores in an incredible way some essential themes for the youngest .

Still from the trailer of the series 'Big Mouth'

It is a corrosive story, where the characters are not afraid to express their emotions. / Photo: YT-Netflix

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Who said that animated series have to be little thoughtful? In recent times, we have seen some productions that really touch complex topics, such as BoJack Horseman and Rick and Morty . However, there is one that is having a huge success in the audience and that could be seen with its most recent season: Big Mouth .

The launch of its fourth season on Netflix generated the attraction of many viewers, since it is a unique production on any platform. On Página 12 they indentificate that it is the "heiress of South Park", in the sense in which it is a corrosive story, where the characters are not afraid to express their emotions.

However, this not all. This plot, which explores the different moments of puberty, is also not afraid to reflect on some of the most important complexes that occur during that stage. On the contrary: criticism and even moments of laughter are generated to bet on self-improvement. Let's see, then, why it is one of the essential stories for the youngest.

The reason for Big Mouth's success

When the characters were introduced in the first season, the mix between fiction and reality happened in an incredible way through one character: the Hormonal Monster . It is a kind of " imaginary friend " that Nick and Andrew have. It is, from a psychological perspective, the voice that "encourages" them to do things based on the full impulse of desire.

That itself generates, of course, common mistakes in adolescence. Its creator, Nick Roll , had mentioned that the intention of this work was "to explore universal themes. " This implies sexuality, self-esteem, friendship and even desire , which concern us all … although many of them are problems considered taboo.

For example, in the second season the subject of sexual debut in the youngest was touched, although in an educational context. This problem occurred from a feminist perspective , saying that care in sex should not always fall on women. The different prevention methods were explained in a fun and educational way.

At the same time, Big Mouth manages to condense a large number of references to personal frustrations . This leads to charismatic characters with very marked personalities, as occurs with the protagonists, who have problems with anxiety, self-perception of the body, shyness and even socialization .

When we see Big Mouth we immediately demolish one of the most common myths in youth : we are dealing a problem that only happens to us. On the contrary, during these 4 seasons it was shown that all issues related to youth are normal at that age, so it is important to go through them with information, but also with fun.

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In particular, this fourth season managed to further exploit the comic side of each of the characters, who are growing and experiencing changes at the hormonal and sentimental level. The plots do not become conventional, but also explore aspects that many may consider "dysfunctional". For example, the change of sexual orientation in adults with families, sexual morbidities or polyamory .

In other words, the fact of growing generates a hormonal revolution that comes hand in hand with inevitable changes, not only physical, but also emotional . The idea that young people do not know what is happening with themselves is common, all at the same time in which the series stands as a true strip of sex education by Netflix .

Even, according to Animal, it is “everything that traditional sexual education did not teach us”. Although the fact that our protagonists are very young can be shocking, sexuality is something completely natural at that age. Precisely, the anguish can come from misinformation or not to mention certain issues.

For this reason, nothing better than a series that exploits this theme from an educational point of view, but with a pinch of humor and empathy so that everyone feels identified and knows that they are problems common to everyone. In addition, according to Espinof, it was renewed, at least, until a sixth season to premiere in 2022. Therefore, there is Big Mouth and sex education for a while.

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