MTV Miaw: the essence of a generation

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The awards that were held in Mexico on June 23 are the clear example of what is the 'Millennial' generation: social media, urban music and many colors

Premio MTV MIAW, de fondo gente del público en la entrega de premios MTV 2018

With a fuchsia cat as a badge, the MTV Miaw Awards have become an icon in Latin America to recognize a generation that today is taking over the world of entertainment: music, social media, runways, and TV shows.

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The Millennial Awards are, at first, music awards. They reward the song of the year, the album of the year, the video of the year, among others, that we can see in other celebrations of the same style. However, it is not only that. Following the guidelines of what is nowadays MTV and what is in general the world of entertainment, it also rewards celebrities, reality shows, influencers and even give awards for best celebrity pet.

MTV stopped being the channel we knew once, in which in the 10 most requests we could see hits of the moment with artists like Eminem, Gorillaz or Molotov. Today it is the channel of Acapulco Shore and Cannigia Libre, in which we basically enrich rich children by seeing their day to day, their follies and their whims. If we really think about it, is not that what we already do in social networks?

In this sense, Instagram and instagrammers' fashion are the inspiration that since 2013 has been rewarding a generation that, in view of those who do not understand it, could be considered superficial and superfluous.

That being the case, the MTV Miaw are the clear example of a society consumed by social networks. As a proof fot this, it is only necessary to see the names of each award: #Instastories, #Instapets, #Instacrush (yes, numeral inlcuded), god-level Instagramer or bromance of the year, terms that surely only the so-called millennial generation can understand. MTV turns out to be the epicenter of a generation that has to show everything in the eyes of the media.

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Not for nothing, two of their hosts are Calle and Poché, a current revelation of the YouTube world. These two Colombians,  digital figures of the LGBTIQ + movement, one might say, are the personification of the MTV Miaw. Three years ago they started their channel where they made challenges, games and told stories. In Miaw 2018, all the glory was theirs, winning all the prizes to which they were nominated, including "fandom", for their fans support, and #Instapet, for their pug dog named Ramón. A year later, they are the hosts of these awards made by and for millennials.

One could also say that the millennials are like fish: attracted by the brightness. Since fashion is millennial, colors, brightness and translucence are part of this show. Perhaps it is also due to the fact of wanting to show everything on social networks, brightness attracts more attention. You only have to see J Balvin, Badbunny, the hosts or any of the celebrities walked in the pink carpet before the awards.

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So, in the end, if you had to define in a word what it means to be a millennial and what these awards mean, it could be: histrionic. Not only as an adjective, but as the histrionic personality disorder, which the Doctor Oliveros Group defines as "a general pattern of excessive and unstable emotionality. A Need to be the center of attention." It makes a lot of sense, because what do millennials want more in their lives than being the center of attention? That is exactly the point of being an influencer, to be in the spotlight.


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Translated from "MTV Miaw: la esencia de una generación"

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