Venezuelan musicians that were a trend in 2020

These are the revelation artists of the last year of the Caribbean country .

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These are five Venezuelan artists that perhaps you did not know. / Photo: YT-Mabelyeah

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Whether to dance or listen to it, music has the power to make us feel good, to move all our fibers no matter what genre is. In Venezuela there is the peculiarity that several singers and groups have chosen to mix different styles, creating catchy and quite rhythmic themes . And it is that Venezuelan traditional music is rich in all aspects, being able to give artists a range of options so that they let their creativity fly in the recording studio.

Beyond genres such as salsa, merengue, rock or reggaeton, which are the most popular in the country, for some time neofolklore has taken place with that mix between the traditional and the modern . Young voices have begun to gain ground on Venezuelan radio stations with new fusions and fresher sounds, sometimes including typical instruments such as maracas and cuatro.

2021 continues to advance at a rapid pace, so we have decided to bring you these five Venezuelan artists that you may not have known, but once you start listening to what they bring, surely you will become another fan of them. Turn up the volume and enjoy!


In 2016, Santiago de la Fuente and Mikel Maury founded the Caribbean pop group Anakena . After debuting on the music scene with their song El Mar and emigrating to Spain in 2017 where they performed in various cities and worked on the audiovisual material for their singles Veneno and Sofía, they returned to Venezuela and expand the band with percussionist Carlos González and bassist Antonio Romero . Currently, they are recording what will be their first full-length album.

Daniela Barranco

Daniela's beginnings in the world of music came in a peculiar way. The Venezuelan had the creativity to write her song Boquete as a joke while she was in the recording studio with her boyfriend , also the singer Omar Koonze. The 25-year-old began to write random words on a board and that's how her theme came out, which made her a music video that she shared on her YouTube channel. After that funny episode, Daniela took her career a little more serious and decided to do more studio songs.


He is one of the singer-songwriters with the most future in the country. Miguel Alfonzo Benejam has been linked to music since he was 6 years old . If there is something that characterizes him, it is his particular voice that has managed to merge it in a great way with the guitar, thus creating fresh sounds in the urban genre that have caught the attention of locals and strangers. Although his musical career is just beginning, Jambene has collaborated with artists of international stature such as Reis Bélico, Big Soto, Rafa Pabón and even Justin Quiles .

Jerry di

Although he already has a career in the music industry, the urban music singer decided to take a new step. Jerri was part of the Calle Ciega group for several years, not to mention that he has also been a composer for other Venezuelan artists such as La Melodía Perfecta, Tonny Boom, Los Reyes and Chris & Tato . This artist is working on what will be the first record production.

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Mabel yeah

Another young woman who, since her debut in 2016, has had a constantly evolving career. After releasing a series of promotional singles that were widely accepted by Venezuelan stations, ranking among the top 10 on radio charts, Mabel continued to consolidate her musical essence in the urban genre. Among his achievements is the signing with the Spanish company Cat Music , which is responsible for promoting her in Europe. In fact, his single Trabajo debuted on the most important radio program in Spain: Los40 GlobalShow .

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